Electrical Service

Malfunction or failure of any of the various electrical system components can hinder performance, reduce fuel efficiency, or even cause a car fire. Our mechanics are certified in repair and replacement of your automobiles electrical components.

Today's cars are highly complex machines. Where once they had a battery, starter, and alternator, and that was all for the electrical systems, today they have complex electrical components that play a role in most parts of the car's operations. In fact, your modern vehicle is almost like one big computer. Nearly every system from the fuel system to the cabin comfort components are run by electronics. If you find yourself having trouble with your electrical systems, we have technicians who can diagnose and fix the problem promptly, so you can get back on the road with a fully functional vehicle.

What Your Electrical Systems Control

The starter, alternator, battery, wiring, cables, and sensors all work together to keep the various parts of your vehicle running properly. When one component malfunctions, it can affect many different systems. Your car's electrical system controls:

  • Instrument Panel and Gauges
  • Lights
  • Windows
  • Power Locks
  • Anti-theft Devices
  • Climate Control
  • Power Accessories
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Cruise Control
  • Warning Lights and Systems

All it takes is one damaged wire or sensor to create serious problems for your vehicle. Our shop is ready to provide effective diagnostics and repair services when you have electrical concerns.

Signs You Have Electrical System Problems

Many of the problems you can have with a vehicle extend from the electrical system. Sensors that go bad or wiring connection problems can all lead to issues. Some signs to watch for that indicate you need to have your electrical systems checked include:

Burning Smells. If you're smelling a burning rubber or melting plastic smell, it can indicate an electrical short somewhere in the vehicle. When the wire draws more current than it should from the battery, the plastic insulation around it will melt, causing the smell. This means you need immediate service to rule out any serious or dangerous issues.

Dim or Flickering Lights. If the lights in your vehicle go dim or start to flicker, it can indicate a problem with the battery or the electrical system.

Failing Electronics. If your electronics, like the built-in GPS or the radio, aren't working properly, the car could have a wiring issue or blown fuse. Our team can find the root of the problem to get the system working as it should.

Check Engine Light. If the check engine light comes on, it could be due to a sensor problem in your electrical system. Bring it in, and we will pull the diagnostic code to get you on the road to a quality repair.

No Turn Over. If you turn the key but the engine doesn't respond, or responds with just clicking, it could be electrical problems. The alternator or a dead battery are common culprits.

Poor Performance. If you're getting less fuel efficiency or notice changes in your vehicle's performance, consider electrical problems as a potential source.

If you're noticing these or other problems with your electrical systems, our team is ready to assist. Stop in for a thorough evaluation of your electrical systems.

Our Electrical System Services

We offer electrical system diagnosis, maintenance, repair, and replacement services. Our mechanics recommend that you have your electrical system checked for problems every two years, and we are here if you discover issues at another time. Our technicians have the tools necessary to diagnose even the most complex electrical problems. We can diagnose and repair problems with your battery, alternator, starter, wiring, and more.

Don't let electrical problems stop your vehicle in its tracks. At the first sign of trouble, bring it to our shop and our trusted team of mechanics.